sailoing to SAN BLAS/GUNA YALA

10 days of maintenance on stahlratte in cartagena. a fresh painted (from
inside) watertank and many little things are done and now we are on open
with 6 motorcycles on deck sailing towards SAN BLAS/PANAMA
the weather ios calm and pretty and calm


we hade a great 10 days cruise with full ship from carti through the san
blas islands to sapzurro and then arrived to cartagena on sunday. now we
are on anchor in cartagena and hundreds of things listed on our
workinglist want to be done in the next 2 weeks....

moored at the cruiser pier in port antonio/jamaica

it took 28hours to sail from santiago to port antonio where we arrived
yesterday evening at 10pm. bar was still open so we welcomed ourselfes
to this place with a couple of „mudslides“ now waiting for authorities
so we are allowed to leave the ship and marina. — Von logbook steelrat
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