New Route from Panama to Colombia

For motorcycle travelers in that direction the tour ends in Turbo now. Everybody else is continuing on the boat to Cartagena.

The trips from Colombia to Panama still go from Cartagena to Carti / San Blas. Exception is the tour starting Nov. 9th which is leaving from Turbo to Carti / San Blas.

Why we don’t unload motorcycles in Cartagena at the moment:
Cartagena customs doesn’t allow that anymore.
Some boats still do it illegally though. Usually they use some trick to get the bikes through customs. For example they pretend that the bikes came riding up from the Darien Gap…
We always prefer to do the importation as legal as possible to avoid problems for our guests (and us;). Illegal tricks like that led to bans for sailboats transporting motorcycles several times over the last years and caused a lot of trouble for many travelers.
So we chose to go through Turbo for now instead of Cartagena because it is still legal there to import the motorcycles.
We are in constant contact with Cartagena customs and as soon as it is possible again to unload bikes legally there, we will change the tours back to Cartagena as port of entry for the motorcycles.