Crewing on Stahlratte

We are always interested in new crew-members as we have a rotation system.

But this is no option to just get a free ride!
Minimum crewing time is 3 months up to 6 months.

Let me give you some basic information about our project first…

The whole thing is a non profit project.
That means all the money we make is going into the maintenance of the boat, the financing of the tours and the food for the crew. Sometimes we pay the flights for experienced crew members that come to the boat on a regular basis.

The boat is run by an association. The sole purpose of that association is to keep that 116 year old boat running and to offer an affordable experience on a sailboat. Actually we are just a bunch of boat nerds who spend our time and sometimes money to keep that ship going. And that’s the kind of people we want, when we are looking for new crew.

The maintenance of the boat is very expensive. The money we make is just enough for that and to feed the crew while they are on board. So we have to be careful for what we spend that money.
It takes a long time until the “newbies” are a real help on the boat. But they cost the same money as the experienced crew.
So the idea is that they compensate that by contributing 20$/day during the 3 month trial period (Just for comparison the price for guests starts with 90$/day).

If you have any manual skills that are helpful on the boat (carpenters, electricians, welders…) there might be the option to talk about the 20 bucks/day, depending on the amount and quality of the work you do on the boat in that respect.

We prefer people that are more interested in a long term engagement and not only in the 3 month trial period.
If the new guys are good we encourage them to come again.
It’s quite an efford to train people to be a real help and it takes a lot of time. It is kind of a waste if they just leave for good after the first three month when they start to be helpful. So we offer kind of a bonus after the trial period. Crewing for free and later on the free flights.

But there are other reasons for the contribution during the trial period, too.
Our experience shows that we get much more dedicated people that way. I guess they really want to do it if they are willing to pay for the experience at first…

Before that, when the trial period was for free, we just had too many unmotivated people who just wanted to try it, to collect another experience kind of out of a whim (what the heck, it was for free…). Or they tried to get a free vacation in the caribbean that way. They just didn’t have the right attitude and commitment necessary and usually came with too romantic expectations.

And very important: people tend to think much more about what they are getting into if the paying of money is involved, and they take our warnings about what to expect much more seriously.

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That’s it for now…
If you are still interested under these two main conditions:

– Minimum time 3 month
– 20 US$/day contribution during the 3 month trial period (total 1800$)

let us know at:

Please no other arrangements or deals. The only other option is coming as a guest with the regular tour prices.

There is much more to say about what is expected of the crew and the working conditions on the boat. Most people severely underestimate the workload and the commitment that is required. So we have some information that should help you to decide if it is the right thing for you to do…
But we can do that via email…
Any questions so far?😉