Details Mexico – Cuba – Mexico 2021




Tour1 (available)
23. JAN leaving Isla Mujeres/Mexico
26. JAN arrival Cienfuegos/CUBA
15. FEB leaving Cienfuegos/CUBA
18. FEB arrival Isla Mujeres/Mexico

Tour 2 (fully booked)
22. FEB leaving Isla Mujeres/Mexico
25. FEB arrival Cienfuegos/CUBA
09. MAR leaving Cienfuegos/CUBA
12. MAR arrival Isla Mujeres/Mexico

Private Tour (fully booked)
14. MAR – 09. APR

Tour 3 (available!)
18. APR leaving Isla Mujeres/Mexico
21. APR arrival Cienfuegos/CUBA
07. MAY leaving Cienfuegos/CUBA
10. MAY arrival Isla Mujeres/Mexico


Mexico -> Cuba -> Mexico

Para descripción española aquí.

(Prices for next season might change)

The PRICE for a roundtrip to Cuba for you and your own motocycle is 1600 US$ (pillion rider or single person 626 US$, one way 396 US$).

If you want to spend only part of the time in Cuba there might be the option to leave your moto on the boat and fly home earlier. You can pick up your bike later when the boat returns to Isla Mujeres (1280US$).

For motorcycles that weigh more than 240kg and whose size exceeds the size of a BMW GS1200 there is an additional cost of 200 US$.

Additional costs: Customs and policia de transito for legalization and cancellation approx: 60 US$.

It includes all immigration works (exc. Cuban VISA), food (min 3 meals per day) and drinks (except alcoholic beverages and sodas). We guide the motorcyclists through all customs procedures for the temporary import of the bikes in Cuba.

The crossing from Isla Mujeres/Mexico to Cienfuegos/Cuba via open sea will take max. 3 days/2 nights sailing.
Everybody on board is asked to help out with doing the dishes once in a while and if you are interested you are very welcome to help with sail-manoeuvres.

The crew on board are all VOLUNTEERS and are not getting paid. So Tips are very much appreciated…

There is no need for anybody to bring food or drinking water on board! We produce our own water by a seawater-desalinator, so there won`t be a limit for shower- or drinking water. We have a stock of beer, sodas and rum on board (beers and sodas 1 US$./can, rum 20 US$./bottle).

Our ship is very big and heavy and especially good for carrying motorbikes because there is plenty of deckspace and shelter. We have carried a max of 21 motorbikes between Panama and Colombia, but we will take 15 motorcycles maximum on the trips between Mexico and Cuba.
We are used to handle the bikes carefully during loading and unloading.
We will be liable for any demage happening during loading/unloading and while the bike is on our ship if the damage is caused by the crew.
We lift the bikes with a 1.5 ton electrical winch.
If you like to see more information about the ship please browse this site or check our Facebook page. For trip reports with motorcycle visit the second page of the Thread on advrider.


The bikes will be loaded on Isla Mujeres at the Marina Enrique Lima, behind Bally-Hoo restaurant/bar, the day before the start of the tour.
There is a ferry from CANCUN every couple of hours to Isla Mujeres.
All motorcycles will be lashed down and covered to avoid any damage during the trip due to boat movements and saltwater.
We will start doing the immigration the same day, so we can leave early the next morning towards Cuba.

1st day:
After doing the last shopping and going through the last paperworks we will leave the harbor of Isla Mujeres and set sails towards Cienfuegos/Cuba.

2nd day:
Sailing day, relax in our hamocks and lay on deck, read a book or just enjoy the sea view and nature spectacle.

3rd day:
Sailing day. Estimated arrival at night in Cienfuegos.

4th day:
Starting the immigration, unloading of the bikes and doing the temporal importation.

The return trip is almost the same. Just switch “Isla Mujeres” and “Cienfuegos”.


The maximum amount of people on board can be 27 including the crew of 4-5. Everybody gets his/her own bed inside the ship (no bed-sharing). We have additional sunchairs, hammocks and deck-mattresses for relaxing or sleeping outside.
All the beds are equipped with ventilators. We have 7 double cabins and 13 single berths for our guests, each with high quality mattresses, reading lights and space for your personal luggage.
The different rooms and deckspace on this ship provide a lot of room, so you will always be able to find a quiet spot to relax, even if we are fully booked.
We have a constant flow of 220/110volt electricity for charging your electronic devices. In cases of emergency there is the possibility to send emails or make phonecalls via satellite-phone.


Please contact for availability and reservation.

We need you to send a photocopy of your Passport and motorcycle data (brand, year, model, cc, weight) to

A deposit of 400 USD payed to this paypal account:
Please check availability first.

Repayment terms: there is no refund of deposit…it can be possible to change your booking to another departure in case you don’t manage to arrive in time but this change has to be made latest 2 weeks before beginning of the tour.
In the case we have to cancel a tour, the deposit will be refunded immediately 100%.

The first change of booking to another date is free of charge. Every further change will have a fee of 50 US$.


The deposit can be payed via paypal or to our bank account in Germany. The rest of the payment is done in cash on board (US-Dollars, Euro or CUC); Exchange rates are the daily official rates.
Bank-transfer or payment via paypal for the complete tour-price can only be made after consulting with us and there is an additional fee for this kind of transaction/transfer of 50 US$ per person+bike (not for the deposit!).


SV “Stahlratte” is NOT a commercial sailing-vessel!
The owner is a foundation, wich was founded in 1984 as a commune and the ships purpose was/is to be a traveling platform for group life/experience. The project is run without any profits and the main issue is the surviving and maintenance of this historic ship.
We try to keep it sailing for many people to have fun and good experiences. The crew is entirely composed of volunteers, who work in a rotation system for 3-6 month without being paid. All money earned with guests sailing on “Stahlratte” is exclusively spent for the maintenance of this vessel and the living of the 4-5 crewmembers on board.


The “STAHLRATTE” is a traditional sailingship built 1903 in Holland. She is very well maintained and equiped for worldwide highsea sailing.
The dimensions are: 40 meters/120 feet overall length, 6,6 meters beam ,3 meters draft and 235 tons of weight.
Safety equipment is always in legal order for a maximum of 32 people and checked every year due to international safety regulations SOLAS for professional operating vessels: Life-rafts for 32 people, life-jackets for 32 people, 2 EPIRIP, 1 radar-transponder, inmarsat satellite phone, 2 gps navigation systems, radar, vhf radio and ssb radio.
The ship is equiped with a saltwater-desalination system to produce 180 liters of high quality fresh water/ hour.


1.- How many motorcycles can be transported on board?

We can take 15 motorcycles maximum on these trips.This depends a lot on the size of the bikes … if there are several smaller sized bikes we can also carry some more.

2.- Some people can not stay for 3 weeks. What is the price if I return earlier to Mexico by plane and just let the boat transport my bike back there later?

In that case the price would be 1280 US$.

3.- Others just want to ship the motorcycle and they wait for it in Cuba (is that possible) and what is the price?

Sorry, that is not possible anymore.
To enter Cuba, the owner/driver and the moto have to arrive together with the boat.
The transport of the motorcycle without the owner/driver is only possible on the return trip from Cuba to Mexico.

Comments on trips with Stahlratte.


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