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Cuba with Stahlratte pics 2018.
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Cienfuegos/Cuba –> Isla Mujeres/Mexico
April 2nd – April 5th 2019
Price: 396 US$

Check here for MORE DETAILED INFORMATION about the Mexico -> Cuba -> Mexico round trip (in progress right now…)

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April 12th – June 7th 2019

Isla Mujeres/Mexico — Cienfuegos/Cuba
12.04. arrival 15.04.
346 US$ per person

Cienfuegos — Santiago de Cuba
27.04. arrival 03.05.
586 US$ per person

Santiago de Cuba — Port Antonio/Jamaica
09.05. arrival 10.05.
176 US$ per person

Jamaica — Isla Providencia
18.05. arrival 21.05.
346 US$ per person

Providencia — San Blas/Panama
27.05. arrival 30.05.
346 US$ per person

Carti/Panama — Cartagena/Colombia
04.06. arrival 07.06.
580 US$ per person

For the PRICE WITH MOTORCYCLE please check with
It is NOT POSSIBLE to get a MOTORCYCLE on land in JAMAICA and PROVIDENCIA, sorry.

The basic PRICE is 90$/day but you get a 1% DISCOUNT for every day you stay (only up to 38 days). So the longer you stay the better the price per day.

All trips on this tour together (26 days on the boat): 1732 US$ per person.
If you leave the boat in Cienfuegos and board it again in Santiago de Cuba (19 days on the boat): 1385 US$ per person.

10% discount for everyone you bring.
(Not for the trip between Panama and Colombia!)
If you are a member of our association for longer than a year check with for special discount!

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