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Some Cuba with Stahlratte pics 2002-2017 HERE.
Cuba with Stahlratte pics 2018.

First part of this seasons tour plan:


Cartagena/Colombia — Port Antonio/Jamaica
16.01. arrival 21.01.
6 days 507 US$/pers.

Port Antonio/Jamaica — Santiago de Cuba
28.01. arrival 29.01.
2 days 176 US$/pers.

Santiago de Cuba — Cayo Largo/Cuba
03.02. arrival 09.02.
7 days 586 US$/pers.

Cayo Largo/Cuba — Cienfuegos/Cuba
14.02. arrival 15.02.
2 days 176 US$/pers.

Cienfuegos/Cuba — Isla Mujeres/Mexico
22.02. arrival 25.02.
4 days 346 US$/pers.

If you combine trips there is a discount.
All trips together: 21 days 1493 US$/pers.
If you leave the boat in Santiago to travel Cuba and board again in Cienfuegos it’s just 951 US$/pers.
(there is a 10% discount for every person you bring…)

MOTORCYCLE travelers usually leave the boat in Santiago de Cuba and join it again in Cienfuegos. So they don’t have to pay for the trips between Santiago and Cienfuegos.

For PRICE WITH MOTORCYCLE, details, availability and reservation please CONTACT

The schedule for the return trip from MEXICO TO COLOMBIA (via Cuba) is following soon…



Isla Mujeres/Mexico — Cienfuegos/Cuba
28.02. arrival 03.03.
Cienfuegos/Cuba –Isla Mujeres/Mexico
19.03. arrival 22.03.

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There might be more Mexico-Cuba roundtrips coming up depending on the demand.

The PRICE for the trip Mexico to Cuba and back is 1600 US$ for one person with motorcycle. Additional person 626 US$ (oneway 396 US$).
For motorcycles that weigh more than 240kg and whose size exceeds the size of a BMW GS1200 there is an additional cost of 200 US$.

❗️You just want to ship your motorcycle to and from Cuba and fly yourself? -> 920 US$❗️

These trips are made with a minimum of 10 motorcycles and passengers.


For availability and reservations please contact