Catering got high significance – and is the main task of the galley service. Depending on heads on board, there are periods of 4 to 6 days for everybody to give your best one day long as part of the galley service. Released from sailing maneuvers one can concentrate at crew’s subsistence to get out most of your cuisine to keep evberybody happy.
Some people are scared of facing a galley service for a bigger crowd. But there is no need for being scared! There are always sailors on board who are desperate to cook and to bake as well as supporting those who are not familiar with arranging breakfasts and fresh catched fish dinners.
Some people who never had a look into a kitchen find themselves discovering their passion for baking bread and preparing dinners with exotic ingredients from the markets as from the waters of the world.
Others got respect for entertaining a crowd of more than 10 to a meal. Those will find here our Best of Recipes to be able to prepare oneself for the galley service onboard of Stahlratte. In case of not getting 15 people together for a trial dinner we are more than happy to help out by our global network of sailors: Please send invitations for your 15 people dinner to Hungry We will be in time!