The best translation for „Smutje“ is „Kitchen Bitch“😉

Catering on board is an important job.
On the short trips most of that work is done by the crew. But help with preparing the meals and doing the dishes is always welcome.
Usually there are at least 3 meals every day. Depending on the number of people on board that is a lot of work!

On longer trips we do what we call the steward service. That means everybody has to do the cooking and cleaning once in a while for a whole day.
If there are more than 10 people on the boat there are two stewards to do the work.

If you are steward for the day you don’t have to help with the sail maneuvers and you don’t have to do any watches, so that you can concentrate on the catering for the rest of the crew and guests.

It can be a real challenge to cook for up to 25 people on a boat that is moving heavily in the waves during sailing. But there will always be others supporting those who are not so familiar with the task.