I couldn’t find an english word for that…

Psychological situations aboard ships are in general not very different from those in prisons or monasteries.
The longer you stay on the boat the more you will experience intense group dynamics. Especially if you are part of the crew and the daily workload and lack of sleep add to the general problems of living together for months in a confined space.
Some of those problems can be solved by talking about it in time before they escalate.

If you don’t loose your humor too quick and manage to not get involved too much in the ongoing little quarrels it can be quite entertaining to observe the group dynamics and subtile rank disputes😉

Somebody who is not able anymore to look at all that with the necessary distance and humor and who can’t tolerate the living conditions and the quirks of the other people on board is close to a Bordkoller.

If possible it is always better to leave the boat before it comes to that and talking doesn’t help anymore. It is better for everybody involved…