Bord Spleen

Board Spleen
Psychological situations aboard of ships are in general not different from those in prisons or monasteries. Got half of the crew seasickness and lies under deck, the other half is not be able to escape from the small of gall and whimper out of the cabins. Also on Stahlratte you will miss seperation of usual spheres of life like work, spare time, sleep. Here there is just one only sphere. In contrast to land life it does not matter, what a crew member is talking about, it simply counts how he acts. Dishamonies as stress, pressure to perform and role-playing are unmasked soon. And even the scariest tattoos get transparent and lay open the innermost of sailors.
Life aboard of a ship? What sounds mad to many people, to us mad people it sounds normal: Territorial behaviour got its deep roots within phylogeny of mankind. Therefore sailors soon are looking for their territory respectively scope, e.g. the anchor winch, the prow or the fishing equipment – wich are adamantly defended: You will find stand ups for her/his anchorage maneuver as the contest about who is the most glamour sailor. It’s said that those effects are concept of unsettled structures of authority. And yes, indeed, those structures are unsettled on Stahlratte, for god sake! And that’s what we want. If there is an average living space of 2 to 2,50 sqm on ships but the ideal distance between human beeings around 1,50 meters… there is not much left for tolerance…bordspleen.gif
Personal limits are very variable. Life on board is affected by all sailors, their tics and their adventages. The role-play is supposed to equal the structure of the project. Collective planning of destinations and shore leaves distribute to group dynamics. There are people who like the tenseness of group dynamics, that’s why they sail on Stahlratte. Others soon achieve their tolerance limits. To dissolve conflicts boxing matches are carried out at the Upper deck.
Sailors who nevertheless get into a board spleen better should disembark – back to dishamonies as stress, pressure to perform and role-playing 😉