Stahlratte, Bremen, ex Johanna Maria SCH 419, Scheveningen. Keel was laid for sailing lugger Johanna Maria on 3rd of February in 1903 at shipyard A.Vuijk & Zonen in Capelle at the Ijssel in the Netherlands. It was alraedy registered at the ship registrar on 27.03.1903, Simon van Leeuwen Bzn, Scheveningen as owner. Its made for fishing. Dimensions are 24.41 x 6.55 x 2.80 meters and the measurement amounts 99.2 BRT or 75.0 NRT. S.v.Leeuwen´s widow becomes owner of the vessel and is registered at the ship registrar in February 1915, followed by her beneficiary B.v.Leeuwen, Scheveningen, in July 1926.
The lugger is discharged from dutch ship registrar in Mai 1931 due to sale to Didrik Vea and torres Didrikson from Kopervik, Norway. The new owners renamed it to VEA, home port is Kopervik at Karmoy island located between Stavanger and Haugesund. VEA got fishing vessels identification no. R131A and continues to serve as sailing fishing vessel.
In 1937 first engine was built in, a 2-cylinder-De Forenede from Bergen, Norway. In 1956 it was substituted by 3-cylinder engine of same make, powereed know by 210 horse powers. Another substitution of engine happened in 1963. In that year a 1955 made, 280 horse powers 4-cylinder VOLUND engine was finally installed.

D.Vea and T. Ddriksen sell the vessel in 1968 to Sigurd Sandoy P/R from Kristiansand, who renames it in Sandy Senior, home port Kristiansund, Norway. Its name ist changed once more in 1978 by new owner Herman Silden P/R from Kristiansund in Sildaskjaer. Home port is changed as well to Maloy, north of Bergen, Norway. After 80 years serving as fishing vessel the non-profit Verein zur Foerderung der Segelschiffahrt e.V. (Assoziation of Advancement for Sailing Navigation) from Bremerhaven, Germany buys the lugger in 1984. Its starts the long story of transformation to 2-mast-schooner Stahlratte, home port Bremerhaven, Germany.

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