When we started out from Bremerhaven in 2004 we intended it to be the beginning of a world circumnavigation. But with the time we realized that there were not enough people willing to commit the time and money necessary to make that possible.
Then there were different factions with different ideas about how much time should be spent for each leg of the trip. For example some wanted to cross the Pacific as quick as possible, others were more interested in discovering Polynesia in detail.

So right now the continuation of the circumnavigation is quite unrealistic.

But if you know a bunch of people who are interested in spending a few month each year on the boat and who have the means to help financing the project let us know 😉
Maybe that will revive the plans again…

2004 Europa

Bremerhaven – Scheveningen/Holland England – Frankreich – Portugal – Spanien – Kanaren – Kapverden – Atlantiküberquerung

2005-20?? Karibik
San Blas Archipel, Panama – Kolumbien – Cuba – Jamaica – Haiti – ABC-Inseln – Trinidad&Tobago – Martinique

20??-20?? Südpazifik
Costa Rica – Marquesas – Tahiti – Neuseeland – Australien

Indonesien – Indischer Ozean – Madagaskar – Rotes Meer – Mittelmeer – Europa