Description Colombia -> Panama

Procedures might change due to new regulations by colombian or panamanian authorities.

Check HERE for tour description with motorcycle.



Our tour from Cartagena to Carti/San Blas will take 3 nights / 4days. The costs are 580 USD. Including all immigration paper work, food (minimum 3 meals/day) and drinks (except alcoholic beverages and sodas). We are very famous for our good food (we prepare extra meals for vegetarians, vegans, food allergies…etc)!
The crossing from Cartagena to San Blas via open sea will take max. 30 hours sailing. The rest of the time will be spent in the San Blas islands in one of the most beautiful spots, anchored between several little uninhabited palmtree-covered islands with white beaches surrounded by wonderful corral reefs.
We provide good snorkeling gear and lots of “noodles” to hang out in the water. You can also use our famous ropeswing. There is fishing equipment on board.

There is no need for anybody to bring food or drinking water on board! We produce our own water by a seawater-desalinator, so there won’t be a limit of shower- or drinking water. We have a stock of beer, sodas and rum on board (beers and sodas 1 Usd./can, rum 20 Usd./bottle)
Everybody on board is asked to help with washing dishes and for the sail manoeuvres your help is much apreciated.


TOUR SCHEDULE (3day tours)

1st day:
8:30am meeting at the dock beside Club Nautico to carry your luggage on board and give you 45 minutes for your last shopping in the supermarket around the corner (beer/rum/sweets…).
9:30am getting you on board, lift anchor and sail out of the port of Cartagena taking course to the San Blas islands.

2nd day:
2-3 pm arriving in “Coco Bandero Cays” in San Blas, drop anchor and and enjoy the island paradise.

3rd day:
Swimming and snorkeling, enjoying the ropeswing (very famous) and hanging out on the beach or in a sunchair on deck. For those who are interested there is always the option to pay a visit to the Kuna village nearby to see the indigenous life (4
hours excursion 8us/pp).

4th day:
We lift anchor at 6am and sail through the whole western San Blas reef and island system to Carti islands.
10 am the panamanian immigration will stamp the passports.
11 am tour ends in CARTI PORT where you get the jeep transport to Panama City. There you will arrive at approx. 2 pm.



The maximum amount of people on board can be 27 including the crew of 4-5. Everybody gets his/her own bed inside the ship (no bed-sharing). We have additional sunchairs, hammocks and deck-mattresses for relaxing or sleeping outside.
All the sleeping accomodations are equipped with ventilators. We have 7 double cabins and 12 single berths for our guests, each with high quality mattresses, reading lights and space for your backpack/personal luggage.
The different rooms and deckspace on this ship provide a lot of room, so you will always be able to find a quiet spot to relax, even if we are fully booked.
We have a constant flow of 220/110volt electricity for charging your electronic devices. In cases of emergency there is the possibility to send emails or make phone calls via satellite-phone.



From CARTI PORT 4WD-cars will take you to Panama City (3 hr ride/25 USD). They will drop you off in front of the hostel you wish to stay at.
We will organize the jeep for you.



PASSPORT COPY (please send to
A deposit of 100 USD (per person) payed to this paypal account:

Repayment terms:
There is no refund of deposit!
Once the deposit is payed it will be valid for any of our voyages so in case you cant manage to arrive in time for any reason we can change your booking to one of our next tours or if you have to make a break the deposit even is valid for a complete year. The first change of booking to another date is free of charge. Every further change will have a fee of US$25.
In case we have to cancel a tour deposit will be refunded imediately!

For availability and reservation please contact
(Please don’t attach any links or pictures. It might cause delivery problems. If you don’t get an answer check your spam folder…)



The deposit can be payed via paypal or to our bank account in germany. The rest of the payment in cash on board (US-Dollars, Euro, Peso Colombiano). Exchange rates are the daily official rates.
Bank-transfer to our associations bank-account in germany or payment via paypal have an additional fee of 25usd (not for the deposit!)



SV “Stahlratte” is NOT a commercial sailing-vessel!
The owner is a foundation, wich was founded in 1984 as a commune and the ships purpose was/is to be a traveling platform for group life/experience. The project is run without any profits and the main issue is the surviving and maintenance of this historic ship.We try to keep it sailing for many people to have fun and good experiences. The crew is entirely composed of volunteers (also backpackers), who work in a rotation system for 3-6 month without being paid. All money earned with guests sailing on “Stahlratte” is exclusively spent for the maintenance of this vessel and the living of the 4-5 crewmembers on board.



The “STAHLRATTE” is a traditional sailingship built 1903 in Holland. She is very well maintained and equiped for worldwide highsea sailing.
The dimensions are: 40 meters/120 feet overall length, 6,6 meters beam ,3 meters draft and 235 tons of weight. Safety equipment is always in legal order for a maximum of 28 people and checked every year due to international safety regulations SOLAS for professional operating vessels: Life-rafts for 28 people, life-jackets for 28 people, 2 EPIRIP, 1 radar-transponder, Inmarsat satellite phone, 2 gps navigation systems, radar, vhf radio and SSB radio.
The ship is equiped with a saltwater-desalination system to produce 120 liters of high quality fresh water/hour.

For further information you can check us out on Facebook.

You can contact us by phone on board in
Panama +507 60317107 or +57 3216612931 in Cartagena.
In Cartagena you are always wellcome to visit us on board near Club Nautico (give us a call!).



We are always interested in new crew-members as we have a rotation system. The crewing time is a minimum of 3 months up to 6 months. Frist step HERE. If you have the time and are interested, ask us for more detailed information.



You can be spontaneous or decide in advance to spend some more time in San Blas on one of the islands (prices are around 45 Usd./person/day incl. food depending on the island) We help you to find the right spot and organise the contact for you in San Blas!

There is also the option to spend additional days on the”Stahlratte” in San Blas. Make sure to ask the crew for further information in case you are interested!