Our large cabin room at the lower deck enjoys big interests, alongside our engine at the same deck level. In contrast to majority of yachts and cutters our ship benefits from spacious, lightish cabins.kojen_15 double cabins, 4 bunk bed cabins plus the  captain´s bow cabin offers space to 15 to 20 people. Movement of the vessel an rushes of the ocean rock the sailors to sleep. Snorers are thrown overboard!

Most of our cabins are seperated from public life just by curtains. There might be compelling reasons for some privacy during a longer stay. For those the captain sometimes abdicates exclusiveness of his bow cabin.

Cabins are effected by stowage of luggage wich needs to share room with many usefull things sailors will find underneath thier beds.

Sailors are in charge on their own for cleanups and keeping things together.kojen_2

Manned completetly there might be occasional bottlenecks at use of sanitary facilities. Their desinfection is incumbent upon the stewards.