TOURPLAN till December 2018

TOURPLAN till December 2018

JAMAICA –> CUBA –> MEXICO 2017/18:

19.12. leaving Jamaica
23.12. arriving Cienfuegos/Cuba
05.02. leaving Cienfuegos/Cuba
08.02. arriving Isla Mujeres/Mexico

MEXICO <–> CUBA Roundtrips 2018:

We only do those trips if we find enough interested persons.
Please contact for details and the time frame which is interesting for you. If there are enough people we might add a trip to our fixed schedule…

Our fixed schedule so far is:

Leaving Isla Mujeres / Mexico 13.02.
Arriving Cienfuegos / Cuba 16.02.
(10.03.18 — 06.04.18 special tour)
Leaving Cienfuegos / Cuba 11.04.
Arriving Isla Mujeres / Mexico 13.04.

Price 1850$ for bike and rider.
(1280$ if there are at least 6 bikes on one tour!)
If you travel with no bike please contact
for the price.

(via Jamaica, Providencia, Panama)

Isla Mujeres –> Cienfuegos
16.04.18 – arrival 18.04.18
Cienfuegos –> Santiago de Cuba
25.04.18 – arrival 01.05.18
Santiago de Cuba –> Port Antonio/Jamaica
06.05.18 – arrival 07.05.18
Port Antonio/Jamaica –> isla Providencia
15.05.18 – arrival 18.05.18
Isla Providencia –> San Blas/Panama
25.05.18 – arrival 28.05.18
San Blas/Panama –> Cartagena/Colombia
01.06.18 – arrival 04.06.18

PANAMA <-> COLOMBIA Tours 2018

San Blas — Cartagena 01.06. – arrival 04.06.
Cartagena — San Blas 12.06. arrival 15.06.
San Blas — Cartagena 19.06. arrival 22.06.
Cartagena — San Blas 03.07. arrival 06.07.
San Blas — Cartagena 27.07. arrival 30.07.
Cartagena — San Blas 08.08. arrival 11.08.
Providencia Tour 14.08. arrival 26.08. ❗️
San Blas — Cartagena 28.08. arrival 31.08.
Cartagena — San Blas 14.09. arrival 17.09.
San Blas — Cartagena 28.09. arrival 01.10.
Cartagena — San Blas 11.10. arrival 14.10.
San Blas — Cartagena 16.10. arrival 19.10.
Cartagena — San Blas 27.10. arrival 30.10.
San Blas — Cartagena 03.11. arrival 06.11.
Cartagena — San Blas 09.11. arrival 12.11.
San Blas — Cartagena 16.11. arrival 19.11.
Cartagena — San Blas 22.11. arrival 25.11.
San Blas — Cartagena 30.11. arrival 03.12.

No plans after that so far…

4 day tours 580$ per person, 1200$ for bike and rider
You just want to transport your bike while you fly or swim: 600$

CONTACT For availability and reservation:
(Please don’t attach any links or pictures. It might cause delivery problems. If you don’t get an answer check your spam folder…)

next tours

leaving Cienfuegos 08 apr – arriving Santiago 12 apr
leaving Santiago 19 apr – arriving Jamaica 20 apr
leaving jamaica 01 may arriving cartagena 04 may

(3 and 4 day tours 550$ per person, 1150$ for bike and rider)

leaving San Blas 19 May – arriving Cartagena 22 May
leaving Cartagena 05 Jun – arriving San Blas 08 Jun
leaving San Blass 16 Jun – arriving Cartagena 19 Jun
leaving Cartagena 26 Jun – arriving San Blas 29 Jun
leaving San Blas 21 Jul – arriving Cartagena 24 Jul
leaving Cartagena 01 Aug – arriving San Blas 04 Aug
……………………PROVIDENCIA TOUR………………………
leaving San Blas 14 Aug – arriving Providencia 17 Aug
leaving Providencia 23 Aug – arriving San Blas 25 Aug
leaving San Blas 28 Aug – arriving Cartagena 31 Aug
leaving Cartagena 10 Sep – arriving San Blas 13 Sep
leaving San Blas 26 Sep – arriving Cartagena 29 Sep
leaving Cartagena 01 Oct – arriving San Blas 03 Oct (3 days)
(04 – 15 Oct Private Tour full)
leaving San Blas 16 Oct – arriving Cartagena 19 Oct
leaving Cartagena 23 Oct – arriving San Blas 26 Oct
leaving San Blas 30 Oct – arriving Cartagena 01 Nov (3 days)
leaving Cartagena 07 Nov – arriving San Blas 10 Nov
leaving San Blas 14 Nov – arriving Cartagena 16 Nov (3 days)
leaving Cartagena 21 Nov – arriving San Blas 23 Nov (3 days)
leaving San Blas 27 Nov- arriving Cartagena 29 Nov (3 days)
For prices, availability and reservation:
(Please don’t attach any links or pictures. It might cause delivery problems.
If you don’t get an answer check your spam folder…)

our next tours

leaving santiago 22 dec arriving cienfuegos 26 dec
leaving cienfuegos 14 jan arriving isla mujeres 17 jan
leaving isla M 20 jan arriving cienfuegos 23 jan
leaving cienfuergos 17 feb arriving isla M 20 feb
leaving isla M 23 feb arriving cienfuegos 26 feb
leaving cienfuegos 21 mar arriving isla M 24 mar
leaving isla M 27 mar arriving cienfuegos 30 mar
leaving cienfuegos 08 apr arriving santiago 12 apr
leaving santiago 19 apr arriving jamaica 20 apr
leaving jamaica 01 may arriving providencia 04 may
leaving providencia 10 may arriving san blas 13 may
leaving san blas 19 may arriving cartagena 22 may
leaving cartagena 05.jun arriving san blas 08 jun
leaving san blas 16 jun arriving cartagena 19 jun
leaving cartagena 26 jun arriving san blas 29 jun
leaving san blas 21 jul arriving cartagena 24 jul
leaving cartagena 01 aug arriving san blas 04 aug
leaving san blas 14 aug arriving providence 17 aug
leaving providence23 aug arriving san blas 25 aug
leaving san blas 28 aug arriving cartagena 31 aug
leaving cartagena 10 sep arriving san blas 13 sep

Stahlratte is cruising through guna yala

Stahlratte is cruising through guna yala (san blas) for the next 3
weeks so if there is any interest you can contact us for to spend
some time in paradise:)
Spots open for persons and motorcycles for 29th july to colombia!!!

under sails on our way to CUBA STAHLRATTE meets ROLLING STONES

we have left isla mujeres this afternoon 3pm with a load of motorcycles and
bikers (one bike with sidecar) and we are on course to CUBA
riding cuba and at the end the ROLLING STONES concert in HABANA as
does that sound good or what???? best from open seas:)

IN ISLA MUJERES/MEXICO next tour to cuba 3rd march

UUUUUUPS…LONG TIME NO REPORTS! we arrived this night 2am to isla mujeres
in mexico after a fast 50 hours sail with no need of engine at all.
weather is cold as a cold front has bein sent down from the us to make the
caribbean suffer a bit:)
looking forward to a big shopping here in one of the giant stores and
of guests. 3rd march we are heading for cuba again. hasta la victoria


after beeing a week in port antonio/jamaica we are in santiago de cuba
now doing some overhauls and 3rd fab we are headng for cienfuegos
through the jardines de la reina……the bikes are imported and
allready on the road cruising cuba and we are enjoying santiago.


we are anchored close by tuwala island in san blas in the deep darien
where once th scottish people founded their only ever existing colony in
1700 we can not visit the village tuwala as the kuna poeple have a very
important religious ceremony going on there: the chiefs on the island
smoke their peace-pipe and therefore no visitors are allowed for a
couple of days and it s not possible even to come close and to make any
kind of noise.
today we will visit scottish harbour/new edinburgh a 3 miles from here
and spend the est of the day there and in the night heading back to
carti in a overnight sail.