Life on Board


Boarding the ship is possible for everone who is a member of the non profit organisation “Verein zur Foerderung der Segelschiffahrt e.V.”, who is the owner of the ship. The membership for the first year is usually included in the tour price.

Life on board differs a lot depending on the tour you take or if you are a guest or a crew member.
On the longer trips the general idea is that everybody on board is working together.
Since the crew is more experienced most of the work will still be done by them. But the longer the guests stay on the boat the more they will be able to help.
So don’t expect to be served by the crew all the time 😉 Don’t forget they are volunteers and don’t get paid.
The captain is coordinating the tasks, each sailor takes an active part in sail maneuvers, on watch and the kitchen shifts. The main task of the crew is to keep the ship on course and do all necessary sailing maneuvers. Check our pages about the WATCH and SMUTJE.

On the short trips the devision between crew and guests is much more distinct.
The guests just don’t have the time to get accustomed to life on board which means more work for the crew. But the guests are still welcome to help with preparing the meals, doing the dishes or during sail maneuvers. Don’t worry, usually there are enough people on board so that you might be asked to do the dishes maybe for just one meal during a 4day trip.

Life on board is very different depending on how many people are on the boat. This can range from 4 to 28. Generally the longer trips to Cuba and Mexico are not so crowded. The trips from Colombia to Panama aren’t either. Only the tours from Panama to Colombia in the second half of the season (Oct./Nov./Dec.) are sometimes booked out.

During leisure time everybody should take care of their own entertainment. Often that is hard for some people because usually there is no internet on the boat😊 But there are a lot of other options beside that…

WATCHlookout station

ROPESWINGjump of the lumme



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