Live on Board

Life on board

Stahlratte’s voyage is proposed to be a 3 to 4 year long circumnavigation. But there is no definite time schedule. Boarding the ship is possible for everybody who becomes a member of the non profit organisation
„Verein zur Foerderung der Segelschiffahrt e.V.“- who is the owner of the ship.

Arrived on board, newbies will become a member of the crew quickly. Among around 5 to max.20 sailors you will find professional sailors with nautic knowledge and decades of experience on the ocean. You also will find many ratings you may feel appropriate, too.

The captain is coordinating the tasks, each sailor takes an active part at maneuvers, watching und and galley shifts. The main task of the crew is to keep the ship on route and do all necessary sailing manouvers as well as watching the right direction. More than that there are challenges by nightguarding, navigation, interpretation of nautical maps, observation of weather as well as maintainance of the 50 year old diesel engine.

Made for sailing more than onehundred years ago use of the engine is proposed for maneuvers within harbours and narrow bays only – or if there is no other option. It’s the wind and the currents wich mainly determine the way to go as well as the time of passages. The idea of sailing on Stahlratte arise from a collective mind and each sailor should be able to be part of a team. On the other hand one’s own initiative is crucial as well!

This is fundamental especially during calmes and on anchorage. Beside trips on land and multible day excursions at the different destinations people on board usually stick together closely. Everybody should take care of their own board life – there are no leisure entertainers on Stahlratte to keep you happy. But a big range of recreational equipment is waiting for you as well as a great libary and all kind of TV / DVD stuff and music. What else gonna happen on your passage nobody is able to foresee…

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