Tour Plan 2018

Cartagena — San Blas 18.07. arrival 21.07.
San Blas — Cartagena 27.07. arrival 30.07.

Cartagena — San Blas 08.08. arrival 11.08.
Providencia Tour 14.08. – 26.08. ❗️
San Blas — Cartagena 31.08. arrival 03.09.

no tours, sorry…

Cartagena — San Blas 11.10. arrival 14.10.
San Blas — Cartagena 16.10. arrival 19.10.
Cartagena — San Blas 27.10. arrival 30.10.

San Blas — Cartagena 03.11. arrival 06.11.
Cartagena — San Blas 09.11. arrival 12.11.
San Blas — Cartagena 16.11. arrival 19.11.
Cartagena — San Blas 22.11. arrival 25.11.
San Blas — Cartagena 30.11. arrival 03.12.

No plans after that so far…

4 day tours 580$ per person.
1260$ for bike and rider.
(If you booked before June 10th the price is 1200$)
Sidecar 550$
If you just want to transport your motorcycle and fly yourself 660$

CONTACT For availability and reservation:
(Please don’t attach any links or pictures. It might cause delivery problems. If you don’t get an answer check your spam folder…)

Behind isla moron

We are behind isla moron and waiting for lisa. Lisa organise a rio sidra
river tour with our guests.

On the way to coco banderos

We have to stay 1 day in isla porvenir and another in isla diabolo
because the food not arrived and some sailrepairings have to be done.
Today the passatwind rise up and we will have a quick tour to the cocos.

holidays in san blas islands

Yesterday we leave carti-island with 11 whities from berlin-kreuzberg to
ikodup. After a welcome party they are celebrating today their hangover
and changing their skincolour to boiled lobster.

Next sailing to panama 16 dez 2014

Holidaycrew arrived in cartagena and we will leave to panama 16.12.2014.
Still places left. Back to cartagena:

leaving san blas 20.jan ending cartagena 23.jan