Tour Plan 2018

New route for the trips from Panama to Colombia!
For motorcycle travelers in that direction the tour ends in Turbo now. Everybody else is continuing on the boat to Cartagena.

The trips from Colombia to Panama still go directly from Cartagena to San Blas. Exception is the tour starting Nov. 9th which is leaving from Turbo directly to San Blas.

Cartagena — San Blas …08.08. arrival 11.08.

Providencia Tour …14.08. – 26.08.
13 days roundtrip from San Blas / Panama is 1003$ for one person. (957$ per person if you bring someone… )

San Blas — Turbo …31.08. arrival 03.09 (in Cartagena 05.09.)

no tours, sorry…

Cartagena — San Blas …11.10. arrival 14.10.
San Blas — Turbo …16.10. arrival 19.10. (in Cartagena 21.10)
Cartagena — San Blas …27.10. arrival 30.10.

San Blas — Turbo …03.11. arrival 06.11.
Turbo — San Blas …09.11. arrival 12.11.
San Blas — Turbo …16.11. arrival 19.11. (in Cartagena 21.11)
Cartagena — San Blas …25.11. arrival 28.11.

San Blas — Turbo …03.12. arrival 06.12. (in Cartagena 08.12.)

No plans after that so far…

580$ per person.
1200$ for bike and rider.
Additional person on bike 480$
Sidecar 450$
If you just want to transport your motorcycle and fly yourself 550$

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