All Hands on Deck!

Stahlratte is a two-masted sailing lugger with traditional sails. There are no automatic sailing riggs. All manoeuvers are handmade. Sometimes, if there are not enough people, we use an electrical winch for the mainsail.

There are 6 sails in total. To set and get them down the whole crew is participating. Smaller actions are done by the watch in charge.
Ideal winds may reduce manoeuvers to nearly nothing, strong and changing winds can cause a lot of hectic action and excitement.

Sometimes ropes break and sails tear. That requires immediate action to avoid further damages. On long voyages those damages must be repaired during sailing but usually we do that at the next stop.
We have an old, really big Adler sewing machine to fix the sails.

Since we usually have a schedule to keep, we have to use the engine if there is no wind or it is coming from the wrong direction. So there is no guarantee for the use of the sails on any trip.

If you want to experience the wind more directly and learn the basics of sailing you are welcome to use the „Plasticrat“ during layovers.